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What we have in our home.
Our 600 watt stand-alone system we installed in 1988.
Our 70 watt stand-alone array.
Our 400 watt utility inter-tie system we installed early in 2001.
104 About Us
We have been in business since 1987. We installed our first photovoltaic
array in 1986, it is a 700 watt system with 900 amp hours of battery storage.
This system supplies dc power for outdoor lighting, runs an 1100 watt
inverter and powered a photolab for over ten years.
We have another stand-alone system, it is 70 watts and powers
outdoor lighting as well as a waterfall and d.c. outlets.
Our grid-tie system  is a 400 watt utility-intertie system which utilizes four Evergreen a.c. modules.
Our home also uses several independantly powered lights and fans.
We not only believe in what we do, we live it.
One of the largest utility power substations (Southern Calif. Edison Co. Lighthipe Sub-Station) is our next door neighbor.
We do these things by choice.
Our business philosophy is simple: when two people make a good deal, they will both be happy and do it again. I have lived by this for over 25 years.

Alternative energy is a passion for us - why soil our nest by polluting our world and why throw money away by not getting the most out of what we have?

I have completed the ARCO Solar Course in PHOTOVOLTAIC TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEM DESIGN which was held in August of 1989. This was the last Arco school before they sold their photovoltaic division to Siemens.
It was an intensive six day course which required both written and practical exams to pass.
On July 10, 2001, I attended an excellent two day workshop on PHOTOVOLTAIC UTILITY INTER-TIE SYSTEMS DESIGN AND INSTALLATION sponsored by the State of California. I have made it a
way of life to keep up with the new developements in this field.
Whether it is in technology or building codes, there is always more to learn.
Please click to our articles in HOME POWER magazine Feb/Mar and
April/May 1991.

Shipping Costs:

We ship using the following:

U.S. Postal Priority Mail.
UPS Ground, 3 Day, 2nd Day and Next Day.
Fedex 3 Day Express Saver, 2nd Day and Next Day.

When using the PayPal shopping cart we ship Priority Mail
or UPS Ground, whichever makes the most sense for the
package weight and type of delivery address.
Shipments going to a P.O. Box will be shipped Priority Mail.
The shipping costs with the PayPal shopping cart are based
on the dollar value of the order - there is a chart at the bottom
of each page showing the cost with the exception of the items
shown below.
On heavy items such as battery chargers, tools and
battery boxes, the PayPal cart has a fixed shipping cost for that
item which is clearly shown with the item description.  

With the Verisign shopping cart you can choose the shipping
method you prefer in check out, Priority Mail, UPS Ground,
UPS 3 Day, UPS 2nd. Day, UPS Next Day and UPS Next Day
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These rates are based on your zip code and the shipping weight
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For Saturday delivery orders must be place by telephone by
12:00 p.m. as both UPS and Fedex add a sur-charge to the shipping
cost for Saturday delivery.
On large items, the Verisign shopping cart has a
shipping weight based on the Over-Size shipping
These items are battery boxes and large QuickCable tools.
Due to the size of these packages, UPS charges by the
dimensional weight instead of the actual weight.
This means that a ten to twelve pound battery box can ship as a
20 to 25 pound package.
The best deal on shipping for large Quick Cable tools and battery
boxes is to use the PayPal shopping cart for Priority Mail shipping
where the shipping cost is fixed and there is no extra charge for the
size of the package.

On phone orders we offer Fedex Express shipping and you pay the
actual cost.

If you have a UPS or Fedex account we can ship a phone order
with the shipping costs billed to your account.

We do not have any handling nor add-on charges.

If you have any questions, just let us know.
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