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Our selection of in-stock low voltage dc LED and Fluorescent lights is the largest in the United States.
We are low voltage direct current lighting specialists.

All of the items priced on our website ship from our inventory, at our location in
Kingman, Arizona.
We DO NOT drop-ship merchandise from manufacturers to the customer.

Where are our products Made?  Where are our products made?

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Ballasts ( D.C. Inverter Ballast ) by IOTA Engineering:


Ballasts (replacements) by Thin-Lite:


Battery System Monitoring by Bogart Engineering, D.C. shunts by
Deltec Shunts, LLC and Maintenance by Solar Converters:


Battery terminal adapters by Quick Cable:


Battery terminal & cable lug covers by Quick Cable:


Cable lugs, ring terminals, by Quick Cable:


Charge Controllers / Regulators & Air or Water heating diversion loads by:

Bogart Engineering:


Solar Converters:


Emergency and Disaster Lighting VFI by Thin-Lite:


Fuses and Fuse Blocks - DC Rated:


DC voltage up and down converters by Solar Converters:  


Generator Starting Switch - Automatic Universal by Solar Converters


LED Lights by Thin-Lite


Linear Current Boosters for Solar Pumping by Solar Converters:


Fluorescent & LED Low Voltage D.C. Lighting by Thin-Lite:   


Photoswitch - 12 volt d.c. by Flexcharge:


Thin-Lite replacement ballasts:   21 Thinlite Replacement Ballasts

Thin-Lite Fluorescent lighting: 19 Thinlite Indoor Fluorescent Lights  or


Thin-Lite LED lighting:  19 A - LED Lighting by Thin-Lite

Thin-Lite replacement lenses:  22 Thinlite Replacement Lens - Diffusers

Thin-Lite NON-STOCK special order fluorescent light fixtures:

Thin-Lite NON-STOCK special order LED light fixtures:


Timers, Photoswitches and Voltage Controlled Switches:


Heat Shrink tubing by Quick Cable:  62 Heat Shrink Tubing & Cable Lugs by QuickCable      


Voltage Controlled Switches by Solar Converters:   Voltage Controlled Switch


Switches - DC Rated Wall Switches: 45 Switches - DC rated wall switches

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We have several hundred different items in-stock to provide you with a source for your alternative energy, back-up power, stand-by power, RV, medical,
emergency / service vehicle, transportation,
research, lighting, communications, municipal,
industrial and marine / boating needs.

We sell the following alternative energy and low voltage d.c. products:
quick strip, cable stripper, Solar Converters, IOTA Engineering battery chargers, IOTA power, automatic transfer switches, Flexcharge products,   Bogart Engineering Tri Metric, LCB - linear current boosters, dc timers, dc photoswitch, Quick Cable products, generator start switches, Thinlite dc fluorescent light and lighting fixtures, dc flood lights, battery chargers, dc fuses, dc circuit breakers, class - T fuses, class - T fuse blocks, ANN fuses, ANN fuse holders, Anderson SB Quick Disconnects, splicing blocks, power distribution blocks, deltec co. dc shunts, maximum power point tracker charge controllers by Solar Converters, replacements for Todd Engineering, and more.

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